The British Film Studios and Publishing House Wattsenglish Ltd. is the distributor of commercial rights to Steve and Maggie products and the Steve and Maggie brand all over the world.

Become our partner for the World of Steve and Maggie or for Wow! materials in your region or country.

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The company iShow is the exclusive distributor for China.

iShow Hangzhou aixiu yun education technology Ltd.

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World of Steve and Maggie

Popular video stories, songs, interactive games, and other products for educating and entertaining children from 2 to 8 years of age. Millions of children, parents, and teachers follow Steve and Maggie

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10 million subscribers
7 billion views

What is WOW! english

series of teaching materials with which to teach English to children of between 3 and 11 years of age. Children in 25+ countries are learning with Wow! materials at language schools, kindergartens, and primary schools.

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Wattsenglish Ltd. is established as a recruitment and methodology centre in the sphere of teaching English to children.


Work begins on creating several series of Wow! materials – the first ELT teaching materials for children with a human face. Videos featuring Steve and Maggie become a big part of Wow! materials.


Steve and Maggie uploaded to YouTube – a huge success without any paid marketing.


Steve and Maggie become a global phenomenon in edutainment for pre-school children.

Steve and Maggie are dubbed into different languages (Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Arabic, Hindi). In the first year, the videos dubbed into these languages register 1.5 billion views and 4 million subscribers.


Wow! materials are completed (8 series for pre-school and primary-school children). Wow! materials are exported to 30 countries of the world …

More than 8 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 5,000,000,000 views all around the world.

In light of the interest shown by parents all over the world, the company begins focusing on early childhood education for pre-schoolers in their native language.

We become active on social networks under the name of Steve and Maggie.

More and more distribution platforms sell our products – videos, music, educational apps, merchandise, etc.

Steve and Maggie become a global brand and edutainment influencers for children all around the world.

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